8 Tips To Thaw / Defrost Chicken Safely In Microwave

To thaw chicken in microwave is a very easy task to do. Microwave is a best way of thawing frozen foods such as meat, chicken and cheese. Defrosting is microwave's that cooking technique which is used to thaw chicken quickly in minutes, without any lost of flavors and juices. Thawing chicken in microwaves gives faster and better results than ordinary thawing. Here are some tips on how to thaw chicken in microwave:

Cook Chicken Immediately after Microwave Thawing

You should plan to cook chicken immediately after microwave thawing because some parts of the food / chicken becomes warm and begin to cook

during the thawing chicken procedure in microwave. Cook the food you thawed in the microwave before refreezing as holding partially cooked chicken or any other food is not beneficial for health.

Arrange Chicken properly for Uniform Thawing

Unwrap the frozen food such as chicken first and arrange it in a microwave safe dish properly. There should be enough spacing between the food pieces so that microwaves can reach and thaw chicken uniformly and properly.

Keep in mind that microwave ovens can cook food unevenly. During the thawing process turn, rearrange, stir and redistribute your frozen chicken for uniform thawing.

How to Speed up the Defrosting process

The process of thawing chicken in microwaves can be speeded up by separating the frozen food while they are partially thawed. This tip to thaw chicken in microwave will definitely help in speeding up the defrosting process.

What if you see signs of cooking while thawing?

If you see the signs of cooking while microwave thawing the chicken, you must shield the areas which show signs of cooking with aluminum foil.

Proper Standing Time is Necessary to Thaw Chicken evenly

To evenly thaw the chicken, you must allow proper standing time after defrosting. If the chicken is not thawed even after the standing time, defrost the frozen food for few additional minutes in your microwave.

Microwave will do thawing quickly and safely

Microwave is the best way to thaw chicken safely as well as quickly. Out of three thawing chicken process, in the

refrigerator, in cold water and in the microwave, defrosting can be done quickest in microwave.

Defrost the Chicken on Low Power

If you are planning to thaw chicken in microwave, defrost it on low power. Lower the heat of microwave in order to not cook the outside of chicken in the process, other wise your chicken will cook. You can also put the chicken in a package that is semi-enclosed or loosely wrapped; this is a good way to let the steam help to defrost the chicken during microwaving.

How long to thaw chicken in microwave

The time to thaw chicken in microwave actually depends on size and form (whole or pieces) of your chicken. Defrosting time differs along with different microwaves. Remember that all the microwaves are not similar. Check the manual for exact timings.

You have to be watchful that you do not over or under do it. There may be time when chicken is raw inside or it may start cooking outside.

If your microwave has defrost settings, then use it for thawing chicken, otherwise close examination is necessary. For instance, if you have set the timing for 10 minutes to thaw chicken in microwave then you should check them every 2 minutes. Also turn the pieces the same time so that they defrost easily. Thawing large chicken in the microwave is not a good idea, it should be avoided.

Microwave thawing is the easiest and speediest method of defrosting chicken. If you follow the above approaches and tips to thawing chicken in microwave, then you can surely do it safely.


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